How to Make Built-In Microwave Oven Lasts

built in microwave oven
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A lot of people choose to use microwave oven that is integrated into the kitchen cabinet. With this type, it would be quite a hassle if you have to replace it. So, in order to making sure that you won’t have to replace your built-in microwave oven more than once in at least 10 years, you need to take a good care of it, and this is how.

Clean Up Quickly

When using microwave oven for preparing food, sometimes you spilled something. This is okay, but make sure you always clean up the spill as quickly as possible, and don’t wait, especially don’t use it when there’s still bits of spilled food inside.

This is important because when you use the microwave oven when there’s still unwanted food materials stick somewhere inside, they will also get cooked, and when they’re cooked, you will need to put extra effort in cleaning your built-in microwave oven, you can scratch the protective mesh inside that preventing the microwaves to escape. When this happens, not only your microwave oven will break, you could also get zapped.

Clean the Grease Filter

The grease filter is located on the underside of your microwave oven, so it could be really easy to forget it. But it is really important to clean this part regularly because it will make your microwave run less effectively and even poses fire hazard if you let it get too gunky.

Avoid Metals

You shouldn’t use metal to put the food inside your built-in microwave oven. This is because microwave will pass through plastic, paper, and most ceramic but not metal. Microwaves will get reflected by metals, and if the metals touch the inside of the microwave, it could ignite a spark and a permanent damage.

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