Learning More About The Origin Of Zinc Oxide Raw Material

Zinc Oxide Powder
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You can easily find zinc oxide powder in the market. Yet, you often don’t know where this powder is coming from. 

This article is about to discuss zinc oxide raw material. As a result, you will be more understanding of the material, including the texture, appearance, functions, and many more. 

The Physical Appearance of Zinc 

Zinc oxide powder is a combination of zinc and oxygen. Zinc is processed first at a certain temperature level. Then, the processed zinc is mixed with oxygen. 

This mixture becomes powder when the temperature is low. Indeed, the physical appearance of zinc is different than zinc oxide powder. 

In nature, zinc looks like silver and white metal. You will see a blue tinge color on the zinc.  

The Places to Find Zinc 

Zinc is mostly found in mining areas. This material is abundant in China, Australia, and Peru. The workers collect zinc sulfide and zinc silicate. 

The manufacturers are about to concentrate and roast it first to get pure zinc. Based on the latest report, the production of zinc reaches 11 million tonnes per year. 

The Use of Zinc 

The use of the zinc oxide raw material varies. The simple usage of zinc is to galvanize iron or other metals. Zinc is about to protect the metals against rust. 

The automotive industry also needs zinc to create durable vehicles. They need to cover or galvanize the surface of the steel in the car bodies with zinc. 

It is the same case for safety barriers and suspension bridges industries. The workers must cover the metals with zinc. 

About Processed Zinc 

Besides directly applying zinc, manufacturers also process this material first before using it. The processed zinc with oxygen or air is known as zinc oxide or ZnO. Processed zinc is also popular because it helps a variety of industries. 

For instance, paint manufacturers need zinc oxide powder in the paint mixture. It makes the paint durable in any weather condition. Cosmetics, the plastics industry, pharmaceutical companies, and others also need zinc oxide powder while producing their products. 

There is also another processed zinc known as zinc sulfide. Zinc sulfide is also useful in some sectors, including paint, fluorescent light, and the x-ray screen industry.  

This information helps to understand more about zinc. It explains the origin of zinc oxide raw material and where this product is coming from. 

You know where manufacturers get this material and the use of it in real life. You even can try to cover your iron or steel materials with zinc to make them more durable and keep them away from rust.   

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